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Peter and Alison Salleras own, work and live at Fruit Forest Farm, on the slopes of the Walter Hill Range between Tully and Mission Beach. They are “locals”, both having grown up on cane farms, Peter at Feluga and Alison at El Arish. In the early 80’s they bought a 170 acre property with one fruit tree, an old common mango. Today they farm over 3500 trees and expanded to 220 acres (including 160 acres of rainforest). The farm has commercial and interesting experimental plantings of a diverse range of tropical exotic fruits from around the world.

After two severe cyclones (Category four Larry in 2006 and Category five Yasi in 2011) that caused catastrophic destruction to the farm, introducing trellising has been a major turning point in the farms success and could also be a game changer for cyclone proofing intensive and productive backyard fruit trees.

Peter and Alison are always happy to share their experiences and knowledge of growing and eating fruit for over 35 years, they look forward to saying hello to you at the Cairns Expo.


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