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BT Alloy Welding is a renowned local business made up a team that produce high standard pieces with a lot of attention to details and all at competitive prices. BT Alloy Welding has been fabricating aluminium products and stainless steel since 1996.

They have since then, built up a very good reputation for their work as all their products are built with pride, attention to detail and with high-quality materials. BT Alloy has designed, fabricated, welded and delivered a broad range of aluminium and stainless steel products, from heavy duty trays, canopies, trailers right through to fitting out boats.

Their new invention that “Pigibak Campa Frame” has been designed for a rooftop tent to be mounted on the rear of a vehicle/canopy. This makes for easier setup, pack up and access to the camper, making it more suitable for everyone. Especially older less agile people who still enjoy camping, without the need to tow a trailer. When set up, the camper is roughly a metre above ground height instead of 2 – 3 metres.

To see BT Alloy Welding’s latest range, visit them at site OA435 during the 2020 Cairns Expo, happening from the 9th – 11th October at the Cairns Showgrounds.