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Cairns Upholstery Works pride themselves on carefully restoring all furniture including chairs, sofas, foot stools, dining chairs, bar stools, lounges, wall panelling, bed heads, ottomans, or any other items that you may want to be reupholstered or restored.

If you have a much loved piece of furniture or perhaps a family heirloom and it is looking a bit worse for wear, don’t throw it out.  Cairns Upholstery Works are able to bring it back to its former glory. Perhaps it has a broken arm or the seat has sunk or the wood needs to be restored, and they are able to offer you a complete restoration.

“We get asked all the time if it is really worth reupholstering or shall I buy new one. Our reply to this is that if you love it and it fits well in the room the chances are you should give it a bit of TLC and let us work our magic. We know how to bring it back to life and use up to date fabric, style and colours and we guarantee that you will be very happy with your new upholstered piece.”

Reupholstering or restoring your furniture must be a very exciting and a rewarding experience, it must make you smile, as it is you, your style, your personality and your choices have gone into the design and the choice of fabric, the style, the texture and you have actually helped to create this piece of furniture for your home.

Visit the 2019 Cairns Expo this May, to talk to the team from Cairns Upholstery Works – site U121.