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Hard Korr Campers are the result of the unprecedented team up of two great companies, Hard Korr Lighting and Austyle Campers. This dream team of innovative designers and engineers began in 2015, with the aim of developing a new brand of camper trailer that would meet the modern-day camper’s expectations. Their focus from the beginning has been on genuine off-road capability, comfort, durability and fast (10-minute) setup – and they’ve done it.
Hard Korr camper trailers are basically unbreakable, and the team knows it, because they’ve dragged each and every model through places where a camper trailer has no business being. They’ve towed their trailers thousands of kilometres through twisting, overgrown, barely navigable trails that are often known only to locals and see no more than a handful of intrepid travellers each year. They’ve tested the limits of their trailers through extreme weather and insane 4WD tracks, and continually re-engineered parts along the way to be stronger, lighter and better.
But why do they do this? Why submit their trailers to such tortuous tests in environments where very few people will ever take them?
The answer? Because they know that if they can survive these tests, where every component is put under unbearable strain, then it’s guaranteed to last for many, many years under normal use.
Even better – they’ve done this without compromising storage, comfort and driveability.
See their incredible range and talk to the friendly team from Hard Korr Campers on site OA433.