WIN a 4 Hour Heli Fishing Adventure

Congratulations to Kellie K. who won this prize.

What you get:

  • A chartered flight to Fish Hole, an exclusive and almost untouched fishing hole at the base of the Newcastle Ranges. Enjoy your scenic flight along the Robertson River plus the opportunity to catch Black Bream (Sooty Grunter) and Sleepy Cod, as well as other varieties of fish. Recognised by Great Northern as a quintessential Australian location, fly here, fish and have a beer! Lunch and drinks are included. Now that’s a fishing tale to tell!
  • As a charter flight, this is a whole of aircraft hire, regardless of whether there are 1, 2 or 3 guests. Maximum 3 passengers.
  • To be drawn at Cairns Expo from 3.15pm Sunday 12th May 2024
  • Total prize valued at $ 1,358.00

About the Company:

Queensland’s Cobbold Gorge, located in an old-growth environment, is the state’s newest gorge. 1.700 billion years ago, everything started. On what was formerly the ocean floor, layers of silt made of sand and mud gradually accumulated until they were more than 10 kilometres deep. The Hampstead Sandstone was created by the compression of sediments in the earth’s crust, which was followed by fractures in the sedimentary rock as a result of further movement. Over a long period, torrential rainy seasons poured rivers of water through the tiny cracks, carving out deep gorges and permanent springs and seepages.

To protect this fragile environment, access to Cobbold Gorge is accessed by guided tour only. The interpretive tours provide visitors with an insight into an ancient geological story that continues to unfold each day. 

How to Enter:

Purchase your ticket to the 2024 Cairns Expo online, or get yours at the gate and register your information at the provided stations.

For your chance to win, Simply scan your entry ticket at the Cobbold Gorge site P319 at the 2024 Cairns Expo.

Terms and Conditions:

For full Terms and ConditionsClick Here.

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